Over the years I’ve been privileged to have Patents obtained for various parts of my technological developments.

Patenting can be very difficult to obtain, and even more difficult to retain, as technology changes very quickly, and as one advisor told me, “they are only as valuable as the money you can pay a lawyer to defend in a Court of Law“.


Improvements in or Relating to Gas Cylinder Charging Apparatus.

Gas cylinder charging equipment employs storage tanks 3 connected to a gas supply 5 through a compressor (not shown) which charges each tank to an elevated pressure. Each tank has an outlet 6 feeding a measuring device 7 through an associated valve 3b. An outlet dispensing nozzle 8 leads from device 7 to a gas cylinder. Control circuit 10 is coupled to the valves 3b through a switching bank 11 and monitors the gas flow to a cylinder in order that a full charge of gas at a selected pressure level is achieved. A display at 13 may be provided to indicate gas volume and cost.

NZ Patent 203607

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Emergency Notification System (2007)

My early prototype for the TSUNADO Alert radios.

NZ Patent 553387

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Disclosed is an emergency notification terminal (1) which comprises a static receiver unit. The static receiver unit includes a trigger signal receiver, at least one alert indicator (3), and a central control element (5) configured to receive a coded trigger signal from the trigger signal receiver (3). The coded trigger signal includes information on the geographical area targeted by the coded trigger signal. The central control element (5) stores information on the geographical location of the terminal (1). The control element (5) compares the geographical target of the coded trigger signal with the geographical location of the terminal (1) and actuates the at least one alert indicator (3) on receipt of at least one coded trigger signal targeted at the geographical location of the terminal (1).

NZ Patent 592485

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