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A brief history of my
47 years working with people and technology

I am a New Zealand Certified IT Professional specialising in Internet and Software Development, e-Learning and Training, and more recently film  Production.

As an e-Engineer, educator, and entrepreneur, I provides consultancy and mentoring services, and access to some of the best minds in New Zealand and overseas, through a network built up over 47 years in IT and related industries.

I am a Member of the New Zealand Institute of IT Professionals (MIITP), registered as a Certified IT Professional (CITP),and have a Certificate in Adult Teaching (CAT).

While many of my years have been with startups, I have also worked in the corporate space,  for IBM as Technical Marketing Manager for Petroleum Retail in the Asis pacific region, and for Borland Software as a Programmer Trainer and Consultant. I worked alongside many of the major Oil companies as a supplier and consultant.

My work in startups has been with electronic and software development since the early 70’s. In the 80’s I drove the standardisation of equipment interface protocols in the NZ Oil Industry service stations, and founded two successful businesses supplying fuel pump management systems and software.

More recently I have developed and patented a public alerting system called TSUNADO that is designed to alert and inform the public in any geo-targeted region. This is intended for use in times of tsunami, floods, fire, tornado, fuel accidents, in fact anything where the life of the public is in danger.

I have spent considerable time working in the education space, developing enhanced systems for online learning in the workplace. This work includes the provisioning of the server systems, customising the Learning Management Software, training users, and developing e-Learning content.

In the 90’s I developed the systems to procure and manage the over 12,000 film extras required for the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy, Hercules, and Xena.  I still work with and support the Talent Agency software I developed, and also pursue a writing career, with the aim of producing documentaries.

moving Forward

Using this Experience for the Future

With such a broad scope of experience in my past endeavours, it has been not without challenge to decide where to focus my energies for the next three decades. These are the areas I am focusing on.

  • Mentoring & Consultancy. Transferring knowledge and experience to younger people, and helping worthy startups.
  • TSUNADO. This project, while personally interesting, will save lives.
  • Developing my writing and production skills in the film industry. 


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What I Can Do For You

I am able to provide a seasoned set of eyes on any project, with both technical and business experience to assist in making good decisions.  With technical skills that span education, computing, electronics, radio, databases, data communications, and the Internet, am am well placed to ensure that projects can proceed confident in having a great chance at success. I enjoy working with younger staff, and bringing their skills up to a point of being able to be self sufficient in their endeavours, and be future leaders in their respective fields.


Working with and alongside staff, adding the voice of experience to their enthusiasm and passion.


Looking at the BIG PICTURE, and ensuring that any project is well designed, and headed for success


Software Design is a specialty, with an emphasis on Object Orientation. Integrating Databases, through replicated clusters, is a passion of mine.  


Bringing knowledge and information to the public is a passion of mine, and Film is the best medium for this. From script writing, production, to editing, I have a team to work with me to make it a reality

what my work is all about

Motivation for a Better World

Right from my University days in Christchurch, New Zealand, I have held a driving passion to make a better world. Initially I did this by taking time out to work directly with people, one on one, and later by creating business opportunities that employed others in a town where there was little employment. Later in life I have worked with my wife in caring for those with special needs, as well as helping younger people get into business, and develop their own skills in the film industry. I work from a very practical and pragmatic level, combining both radical and conservative views, with friends in all spectra of world perspectives. 

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